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Modafinil is a wakefulness enhancing drug that can greatly enhance focus and attention. Unlike many other pharmaceutical drugs, it has a very low addiction potential and has more predictable and manageable side effects.

Also known under the brand name Provigil, it’s most commonly known for its ability to increase productivity, combat drowsiness, and as a cognitive enhancer. It typically used by night shift workers, college students, and executives alike.

It can be a little tricky to know where to acquire modafinil online. Many once-popular vendors have shut down, and it’s a little unclear sources are trustworthy and which are not. However, fortunately there still some reputable sources left, as such we’d like to discuss our primary vendor recommendation as of August 2019:



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At BuyModa.org, generic Modafinil and Armodafinil are available at a fairly affordable price. They accept credit/debit card payments and even give a 25% discount for paying in bitcoin. Best of all, they offer reshipments and full refunds on orders that were not successfully delivered the first time.

Customs and importing policies may vary from country to country, they only ship to countries where it is legal to purchase and where customs will not interfere with imports.

Some countries that BuyModa will ship to include: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, France, Greece, Switzerland, and Spain.

The shipping time is usually about 1-2 weeks and and is free in most countries.


Why We Recommend BuyModa

BuyModa utilizes the same pharmaceutical companies as the other popular vendors of the past, including the multinational pharmaceutical giant Sun Pharma. As such, the brands offered are virtually identicle to their non-generic counterparts such as Provigil; buying a generic form of a drug is really no different from a brand name.

Pharmaceutical industries are held to such a high level of scrutiny that the differences between quality and purity between competitors is often negligable at best. Additionally, many long-term Modafinil users have reported that they feel no difference between branded and off-brand Modafinil.

BuyModa.org is a US-based company that is operated by longtime veterans of the industry strived to becomes world-class Modafinil vendor. Based on the user reports and reviews from various online communities, it’s pretty clear that they are the strongest vendor available today.

Overall, while the BuyModa does appear to share many similarities with past vendors such as Modafinilcat.com, one major difference is that BuyModa is in it for the long-haul is not cutting any corners on their services they provide.

Shop at BuyModa




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