Benefits of Modafinil

benefits of modafinil

Origins of Modafinil

Modafinil was originally developed to combat the cognitive impairments caused by a lack of sleep. It is commonly used for shift work, as it allows youto combat the drowsiness associated with poor mental performance.

Modafinil is typically only available as a prescription, though it is widely available as a generic medication throughout most of the world. As such it sees a significant amount of off label use.



What Benefits to Expect From Modafinil

Modafinil is a stimulant and smart drug that is used to enhance mental faculties. It is used for a variety of different purposes but it’s main feature is improving wakefulness. Indeed, modafinil has some of the strongest wakefulness-enhancing effects among any stimulant available today.

The benefits of Modafinil are fairly wide-ranging: it can alleviate depression, improve focus, alertness, working memory, enhance motivation and productivity, and can significantly improve wakefulness.

One of the advantages of Modafinil over other stimulants is its significantly lower abuse and addiction potential. Modafinil to almost exclusively effect your mind; causing little changes to mood and behavior. It’s uncommon for it to cause anxiety, euphoria, or behavioral problems such as impulsivity or hypomania.

Modafinil is an excellent drug for enhancing productivity and motivation. In fact it is commonly used by in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and college campuses alike. It raises dopamine in the region of the brain responsible for reward-seeking behavior and thus has a direct impact on motivation and drive

Strangely enough, Modafinil does not seem to be very useful for creative tasks such as  beter suited editeing



How to Use Modafinil

The trick about Modafinil is using it strategically. When you have a lot of work to do, it’s good to write down a plan and list of tasks to complete. Modafinil has this weird tendency cause you to be hyper-focused, and if you’re not careful you can end up getting too focused on your work; which in turns leads to going down unexpected rabbit holes and time sinks.

Additionally, there is a psychological phenomenon in which a day of hard work is often followed by a day off slacking off, relatively speaking. So while you may indeed get a lot accomplished on days when you take Modafinil, the next day may be comparatively less productive. For this reason, it can be temping to take Modafinil daily, but that is difficult to maintain in the long-term.

As such, I highly recommend taking Modafinil once or twice a week at most. I personally never take it more than once a week.






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