AfinilExpress Has Shutdown + Our New Modafinil Vendor Recommendation

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Afinil Express, the de facto leader in supplying pharmacy-produced Modafinil & Armodafinil across the world, has shut down.

While AfinilExpress did not explicitly state their reasons for shutting down, they did specify that it was a voluntary decision. Specifically, they stated that it was not due to legal, logistical, or security-related issues. As such, their profitability is very likely that cause of their shutdown.

It’s an unfortunate reality that many modafinil vendors struggle to be profitable over the long-term. This is due to the fact that modafinil is typically only available as a prescription in the US and many other countries, and as such it is often exported overseas.

One of the biggest problems with shipping pharmaceutical products overseas is securing payment processing vendors. Often, domestic payment processing companies do not like to work with nootropics and smart drug vendors due to the unregulated, gray market that they occupy.

As such, vendors such as AfinilExpress have to turn to offshore payment processors which often charge very high fees and decrease profitability. This is a possible explanation as to why the team at AF had to shut down.

In the past, other smart drug and nootropic vendors have faced similar concerns, including the wildly popular Ceretropic – a vendor which sold exotic nootropics and peptides. Near the end of their run Ceretropic could not longer accept debit/credit card payments due to the exorbitant fees that their payment processors were charging them. Eventually, they had to shut down due to profitability and a lack of convenient payment options for customers.

With this in mind, we can only hope that certain modafinil suppliers will stick around for the long-run. Fortunately, there are still reputable vendors left, and our top pick will be discussed below.


Our New Vendor Recommendation (BuyModa)

After careful research, we have determined buymoda to be the most suitable replacement to afinilexpress.

Buymoda runs a very similar operation to afinilexpress: they source directly from the same major pharmaceutical company (Sun Pharma), offering both legal Modafinil and Armodafinil. They have very similar pricing and policies as well and have been around for quite a while.


Shop at BuyModa


Pricing & Afinil Express Coupon Codes & Discounts

  • Credit/debit cards accepted
  • 20% returning customer pill bonus
  • 25% discount for bitcoin payment

Quantity (Modalert)

Price (With Bitcoin Discount)

30 pills $65 ($48.75)
60 pills $95 ($71.25)
100 pills $150 ($112.50)
200 pills $230 ($172.5)
300 pills $289 ($216.75)


Shipping Policies

  • Free shipping to US and most other countries
  • $35 shipping fee for Canada, $9 shipping fee for UK, Greece, and Switzerland
  • Orders that were not successfully delivered the first time will be reshipped
    • If the second shipment is not delivered successfully, they will refund 100% of your order
  • Due to tough customs restrictions, they cannot ship to the following countries:

Austria, Algeria, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sweden, Taiwan, Hungary, Israel, Pakistan, South Africa or the United Arab Emirates.


Delivery Times

  • USA 7-14 days (Current average 8)
  • Canada 7-14 days (Current average 9-12)
  • AU 7-14 days (Current average 8)
  • EU 7-14 days (Current average 8)
  • UK 3-7 days (Current average 5)



Forms of Modafinil

Modafinil vs Provigil

Modafinil is sometimes called Provigil, which is simply a popular brand name. Modafinil is simply the generic term for the drug itself. There is virtually no other difference between the two.


Modafinil vs Armodafinil

There is also newer form of the drug called Armodafinil, which is most commonly sold under the Nuvigil brand.

The main difference with Armodafinil is that it requires a smaller dose and is slightly more potent. The peak effects tend to come quicker and last longer, although the half life appears to be the same (about 13-15 hours).

However with this increased potency, there is an increased risk of side effect, namely anxiety. User reports vary considerably, and there is no clear answer as to which drug is superior overall. It comes down to personal preference.

Both of these forms are available at BuyModa, which will be discussed in detail below.


Sun Pharma vs Hab Pharma sources products from Sun Pharma and Hab Pharma, each with their own brands of Modafinil and Armodafinil.


Sun Pharma is prestigious multinational pharmacy and is the largest pharmaceutical company based in India.

  • They produce Modalert (Modafinil) and Wakalert (Armodafinil)

Hab Pharma is newer and and less-known pharmacy, their products are cheaper and may be slightly less potent, but the overall effect does not appear to be much different.

  • They produce Modvigil (Modafinil) and Artvigil (Armodafinil)


The most popular products on are Modalert and Wakalert. Generally speaking, Sun Pharma is the preferred brand and is anecdotally reported to have slightly higher quality products.

Buy Modalert Buy Wakalert




Provigil (US-brand) Nuvigil (US-brand)
Modalert (Sun Pharma) Wakalert (Sun Pharma)
Modvigil (Hab Pharma) Artvigil (Hab Pharma)


Final Note

Upon visiting, you may notice that they suggest as their recommended replacement. However, we do not recommend them as they only accept bitcoin as payment.

While prices may appear cheaper, in reality they are slightly more expensive after factoring in buy-moda’s 25% discount when paying in bitcoin, which is entirely optional. Additionally, appears to be much newer and less reviewed, as such it’s best to stick with older and more reputable vendors that have built up some trust.



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